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Honoring Will Rogers and other Filmmakers

The Will Rogers Motion Picture Festival celebrates the hard work and creativity of filmmakers around the world.


Will Rogers was already a Vaudeville and Ziefeld Follies star and when movies made their debut, Will was an easy choice for the fledgling industry.

Will's first movie, Laughing Bill Hyde, came out on September 28th, 1918 and he went on to make 71 total movies.  He made 50 silent movies and 21 "talkies." 

It was the "talkies" that sprang Will Rogers' career as a movie star.  His down home wit and relaxed style helped him relate with people around the country.  He was the top box office star for Fox Studios and in 1934 became the #1 movie star in America. 

Will tragically died in a place crash in 1935 while traveling with Wiley Post to Alaska.  Dedicated to his memory are the Will Rogers Memorial Museum in Claremore, Oklahoma and the Birthplace Ranch in Oologah, Oklahoma.

The Dog-Iron Awards are based on Will's personal brand when he ran the ranch near Oologah from 1899-1902.

The Will Rogers Motion Picture Festival is a testament to the career of Will Rogers and his passion for hard work and creativity.  We hope the festival will introduce the next star to the world.

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